Lake Clean Up 2014

This year’s Lake Clean Up was a huge success thanks to all the volunteers and city employees that took time out of their day to pick up trash along the shores of Lake Tuscaloosa. 34  University of Alabama students and five city employees came out Friday, February 21 to work  from 12-4. Afterwards, the group celebrated with burgers served up courtesy of the City Lakes Division. A great time was had by all, and we look forward to next year’s clean up!

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Fayette County Officials Recognized

The Black Warrior Clean Water Partnership recognized Fayette County Commission and Fayette County engineer, Bobby McCraw for their efforts in improving the North River Watershed. The Commission participated in the North River Watershed Project with the goal of developing cost-effective methods for reducing sediment entering Clear and Deadwater Creeks. These creeks are major feeders to Bays Lake, the public water supply for the City of Berry and parts of unincorporated Fayette County. Sediment reduction reduces drinking water treatment costs and improves water quality. It is estimated that over 400 tons of sediment have been prevented from entering streams in North River. The award was presented by Abner Patton, Chairman of the Black Warrior Clean Water Partnership North River Project and President of Patton Geologics, Inc. Jeff Powell of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service stated that this project, which highlights cooperative efforts between municipalities, businesses and Federal and State agencies, is a demonstration for other areas in the State. ADEM provided funding for the North River Watershed Project to improve water quality and demonstrate the benefits of cooperative partnerships. Components within the grant included: • Implement measures to specifically address causes/sources of nonpoint source pollution (BMPs) • Provide nonpoint source education • Indicate measurable improvements (load and load reductions) Project partners include: ADEM, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama Cooperative Extension System-Fayette County, Fayette County Commission, City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama Department of Public Health, University of Alabama Museum of Natural History, Geological Survey of Alabama, Black Warrior Clean Water Partnership, Patton Geologics, Cawaco Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc., Tombigbee Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc., USDA/NRCS-Fayette County, Fayette County Soil & Water Conservation District.

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Holy Cross Elementary Students Get Their Hands Dirty with Watersheds

Fourth Grade students from Holy Cross Elementary were given watershed education by faculty and graduate students from the University of Alabama.  They were given hands-on experience with the EnviroScape which is a 3D model of a watershed which demonstrates how both point source and non-point source pollution enters our waterways.  The students requested this demonstration themselves so they could better understand watersheds.  The students had voted to create a mural for an art contest and decided they wanted to create a mural based on watersheds.  If children are our future, the future looks bright, indeed.


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